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There are many versions of this story, so i'll just go through all versions of this VILLA NABILA story. 

I had go through google and search for information on this Villa, it is located at JOHOR BAHRU, and it is REALLY REALLY HAUNTED!! That's what people said in the internet. It is HAUNTED!



Well, some people said that they have seen strange ''THINGS'' in the Villa, seen sight of a female shadow through the Villa's stair and interrupted by mysterious weeping voice in the Villa. Some experienced their car broke down once they got into the Villa's entrance and something knocked on the car roof. We all know, once a place left for many years.... there will be "SOMETHING" live inside, stay and "TAKE CARE" of the place. I bet you all know what I mean by "SOMETHING"...

Version 1: 
                     There was a rich family who lived in this villa, the parents died and the daughter left in the Villa with her servant. Nabila was the name given to the daughter. Nabila will inherit all of her parents properties, but killed by the servant and believed that Nabila's body was cemented at one area in the Villa.

Version 2:
                     Nabila came from a wealthy family. One day, the Villa was robbed and the whole family are brutally murdered by the robbers.

Version 3: 
                    Nabila's family had been robbed and she was raped then brutally murdered, and then her body was buried in the wall of the Villa.

Version 4:
                    Originally, Nabila has a happy family, but this one day, her father became aggressive and raging and start to shoot every single person who live in the house before he killed himself.

Version 5:
                    The actual name for the Villa is Christine Palace, after the name of the wife of a businessman from west. It was said before constructing the Villa, the husband promised to share the land with his another 6 siblings. But after the husband got the land, he broke his promised to his siblings and all of his siblings gotten angry with him and sent two people as a representative to deal with the husband. We did not know what happened until the representatives got angry and threatened him to divide the land to others after killing his only child and he insisted to divide the land to the others and again the representatives killed his wife and the husband still with his greedy attitude and he insisted to divide the land to the others and finally, he also got killed by the representatives as well. As a conclusion, the whole family was killed by the representative due to the husband greediness. The Villa is left unoccupied  approximately 70 years.

version 6:
                    According to the story, the Villa once owned by a Chinese Dato', but for some reasons his title was stripped off, since then he was no longer live at the Villa. The villa was a place for his family and himself to stay for holidays in Johor Bahru and they also ignored the Villa for some reasons.

               After all research that I have done, I found out that the ACTUAL name for this place is "CHRISTINE PALACE" .. The palace name was engraved at the entrance while this palace still standing at the year of 60's-90's and the owner was a Chinese man which his Dato' title was stripped off. His name was Dato' Yap. I'm not sure whether he IS or he WAS. The name Christine is after the name of his youngest daughter. She is currently in Hong Kong, according to one of her ex classmate during their primary school. Since the Chinese man Dato' title was stripped off, the palace was left abandoned until today. As a conclusion, I would say this place might be haunted because it has been years that this palace was left abandoned and there would be "A PASSENGER" or even worst "THE PASSENGERS" live inside the palace...


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